Week 0 - College Program Kickoff

Week 0 - College Program Kickoff


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Welcome to your orientation! Come get a first glance at what the 10-week college program will entail. Meet the Fiveable team members that helped organize the program, some of our event facilitators, and other program students!

Orientation Overview

Kick off the college program by mapping out your growth goals, meeting your accountability team and de-stressing college with motivational talks.


  • Welcome to College Program at Fiveable
  • Meet the College Program Staff
  • Community Guidelines
  • Icebreakers
  • Program Overview
  • Q&A Session

What you'll experience


Expert guidance from admissions pros and college student mentors in all types of colleges and majors


Live events and watch parties 2x a week where you can get all your questions answered in real time


Tight-knit community of high school students helping each other get college ready on Discord

Every stream is recorded & uploaded as a replay!

Expert partners & contributors

Week 0

πŸŽ‰ Kickoff Week

Kick off the college program by mapping out your growth goals, meeting your accountability team and de-stressing college with motivational talks.

Week 1

πŸ› Choosing a Major and Comparing College VS Alternate Paths

Dive into the college experience by choosing a major you'll love and comparing college with alternate pathways.

Week 2

πŸ’Ό Resumes

Learn how to build a good resume and find internships that make your experience stand out.

Week 3

πŸ›€ Choosing a College (or alternate path)

Choose your top colleges and then compare which one is the perfect fit for you.

Week 4

πŸ“… Applications Week 1: College App Due Dates and Standardized Testing

Test the waters for college applications by navigating due dates and what standardized tests (SAT/ACT) you need to take.

Week 5

🚦 Applications Week 2: Navigating the Common App and Application Essays

Submit your best possible common app and school-specific applications by writing top notch essays.

Week 6

πŸ’¬ Applications Week 3: Recommendations and Interviewing

Seal the deal on your dream school with the right recommendation letters and nail your Interview.

Week 7

πŸ’° Financial Aid Week 1: Understanding FAFSA and Student Loans

Understand financial aid (FAFSA) and student loans options that'll help make your dream a reality.

Week 8

πŸ’Έ Financial Aid Week 2: Scoring Scholarships and Grants

Get scholarships and grants that seem like they were created just for you.

Week 9

🌱 Growing Beyond the Classroom

Explore gap years, volunteer opportunities or what life might look like if you headed straight into the workforce. The possibilities are endless!

Meet the hosts - Week 0

TΓ‘n Ho

Co-founder & CXO

Tán Ho is the Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer at Fiveable. With his role spanning design, growth marketing, product development, and student success. When he’s not staying up late contemplating the future of our education system, you can usually find Tán advocating for BIPOC and queer rights or experimenting with authentic Vietnamese recipes.

Amanda DoAmaral

Co-founder & CEO

Amanda DoAmaral is an educator, activist, and co-founder of Fiveable - a social learning network for students. She spent a half a decade teaching high school history in Oakland, CA, where her passion for creating equitable educational opportunities was ignited. Amanda has been a vocal advocate for inclusive history curriculum and is active within the Milwaukee tech community.

Tinatsei Chingaya

Executive Assistant to the CXO

Tina Chingaya is the Executive Assistant to the CXO and is currently studying at the University of Texas at Dallas. He loves engaging with other students about the future of education and the role Fiveable and others are in to change it! One of Tina's life goals is to start a non-profit to help democratize education worldwide for kids in need.

What you will need this week


Preview program exclusives

College Handbook

College Handbook filled with tested templates for everything from essays to college lists

Choose your adventure

Weekly Session

$5 / week


10-week pass

$50 (Early bird special)

$150 (savings of $100) 

If you’re an FGLI (first generation, low income) student or are from a Title 1 school, you qualify for a full scholarship to get the guidance you need πŸ’– Submit your email here to apply.

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