๐ŸŒถ AP Microeconomics Cram Pass Spring 2021
๐ŸŒถ AP Microeconomics Cram Pass Spring 2021


๐ŸŒถ AP Microeconomics Cram Pass Spring 2021


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Get the AP Microeconomics Cram Pass to unlock your ticket to every single Fiveable AP Microeconomics Cram Session happening this spring, including the 5-hour Cram Finale! Review every unit and question type, rewatch your sessions, and build your AP confidence. Why just cram when you can pass?

What you'll experience


An overview of every single unit by a real AP teacher


Opportunities to learn about and practice each question type that will be on the exam


Answers to your most pressing questions during the live stream


A community of AP students learning right along with you


Small group support from an experienced TA


An abundance of resources covering every key topic

Schedule of live AP Microeconomics review sessions ๐Ÿค‘

Every stream is recorded & uploaded as a replay!

Meet the AP Microeconomics team ๐Ÿค

Dr. Hope Myers

AP Microeconomics Teacher

Dr. Hope Myers is a sixteen year veteran social studies teacher. She is currently teaching AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics at The Benjamin School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA. Before her move to the Sunshine State, Dr. Myers taught Social Studies courses internationally at Shanghai American School in China and Seoul Foreign School in South Korea. She strives to make the benefits of economic study accessible to all her students though dynamic lessons that are applicable to everyday life.


AP Microeconomics TA

Hi! My name is Shriya and I am super excited to be your TA for AP Micro! I find econ really fascinating, but I also enjoy STEM. I love to paint, watch movies, cook, (and eat lol) in my free time. I also like to dance; I've been doing it since I was 4. If you decide to take AP Micro here at Fiveable, I look forward to getting to know you and we will definitely have a fun time!

Choose your AP Micro adventure ๐Ÿ›ฃ๏ธ

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  • Live streams that cover every unit and question type, led by our AP teachers who know how to crush it
  • An active Discord community filled with student leaders to answer your most burning questions
  • Access to the cram finale: a 5 hour live stream built to support you the day before each of your AP exams
  • Replays of every stream so you can watch and review on your schedule, at your own pace
  • Tips and tricks to rock that AP exam in May


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  • Five live hours of review with an AP teacher
  • Student TAs who can answer your questions before, during, and after the stream
  • Moral support from a group of students who are studying for the same exam as you!
  • Recorded access to the stream to review again before the exam
  • Free support from the Fiveable Discord community!
  • Practice every type of free response question
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  • One live hour with an AP teacher who knows how to get you ready for the exam
  • Live help from student TAs who have mastered the topic
  • A place to post questions and get answers as you study
  • Free access to the Fiveable Discord community!
  • Recorded access after the stream so you can rewatch at your own pace