🌶 5-Hour️ AP Physics 1 Cram Finale Full Review

🌶 5-Hour️ AP Physics 1 Cram Finale Full Review


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The community is very helpful and positive! Join Fiveable AP Physics 1 students for the 5-hour Cram Finale to review the entire course and every question type on the exam. Unlock the replay immediately and then join the Fiveable student community and TAs for the live watch party happening the day before your exam (all administrations!). #YesWeCram

Here's the line up:

  • Hour 1: All things Energy!
  • Hour 2: All things Momentum!
  • Hour 3: Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Hour 4: FRQ Question Tips and Tricks!
  • Hour 5: GimKit Review Hour and MCQ Practice

With this finale ticket, you get immediate access to the material plus entry to the Fiveable watch parties before Administrations 2 & 3, which is a live stream of the pre-recorded Fiveable cram finale. Our very own Fiveable TA's will be there to answer questions in the discussion thread. We got you 💪🏼

Students are saying...


  • “SO HELPFUL!! I always feel so much more prepared for my AP exams, and I have for the past three years. Thank you, Fiveable!


  • “It’s my first time attending a cram session and now I know what I’ve been missing!”


  • “Literally the most helpful study tool. I’ve used Fiveable for 4 AP Classes thus far and it has saved me for real”


  • “They are super helpful for review. Even if you know the material really well, it gives you an extra confidence boost for the day of the test! Unlike teachers in the classroom, these teachers stay energized the whole time, for a full 5 hours!”


  • "Very educational, and easier to comprehend than usual class."

Meet the AP Physics 1 team 🤝


AP Physics 1 Teacher & Reader

Hello! I'm Christian Horner and I'm now in my 26th year of teaching physics and AP Physics. I love watching students develop some awesome skills while learning physics and enjoy seeing where they go to college and beyond! I've been reading AP Physics exams since 2015 and love seeing what students know about the topic and how well they use the skills they have learned. I'm also a Coach for the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) and travel the country helping students and teachers do some awesome physics!


AP Physics 1 TA

Hi! My name's Briana and I'm a college freshmen. I'm studying environmental studies and physics, and I really enjoy math and science! I'm excited to learn AP Physics 1 with you all!

The Fiveable Difference


An overview of every single unit by a real AP teacher


Opportunities to learn about and practice each question type that will be on the exam


Answers to your most pressing questions during the watch party


A community of AP students learning right along with you


Small group support from an experienced TA


An abundance of resources covering every key topic

Choose your AP Physics 1 adventure 🛣


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  • Live streams that cover every unit and question type, led by our AP teachers who know how to crush it
  • An active Discord community filled with student leaders to answer your most burning questions
  • Access to the cram finale: a 5 hour live stream built to support you the day before each of your AP exams
  • Replays of every stream so you can watch and review on your schedule, at your own pace
  • Tips and tricks to rock that AP exam in May



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  • Five hours of review with an AP teacher
  • Student TAs who can answer your questions before, during, and after the stream
  • Moral support from a group of students who are studying for the same exam as you!
  • Recorded access to the stream to review again before the exam
  • Free support from the Fiveable Discord community!